Testimonials for Rose Osteopathy and Wellness

Andrea - July 2021

I was so pleased to have found Emma as my Manual Osteopathic Practitioner. Not only does she provide excellent treatments, she also follows it up with superb instructional videos. I like to have an active part in continuing my healing at home and referring to the videos helps to keep me on track and motivated. Emma is very knowledgeable and being able to talk with her about exercises and activities that would help, while at time the same time not aggravate, my injury was so beneficial.

Brenda - July 2021

You are by far the best practitioner I have ever experienced. You truly are gifted Emma!

Cathy - July 2021

I have been treated by Emma Rose, manual osteopath, on several occasions. I was able to obtain significant pain relief, and found the exercises and movements she suggested were exactly what I needed. She is definitely a very skilled and intuitive practitioner. I also received Thai massage treatments from Emma and these, too, relieved my pain significantly. Her skilful moves and mindful approach is wonderful!

Jeannette C. - July 2021

Emma Rose has been my Manual Osteopathic Practitioner for a few years. I had injured my right shoulder and she has improved my motion and relieved my pain. I also had neck, hips and knees issues. Her hands-on adjustments and manual therapy that I needed to treat my pain was very effective treatments for me.

Marilyn Fox - June 2021

Emma was recommended to me by a physiotherapist who suggested Thai massage to better manage my stress and tension. By the end of my first massage with Emma I was hooked. So much more superior to conventional massage. I loved her technique and the results I felt were awesome! The stress and tension in my shoulders and neck literally melted away. Not only is Emma an excellent therapist but also a true professional in every sense of the word. I highly recommend her!

Tina Spicer - June 2021

Emma has been my Osteopath for the past two years, and has helped me immensely with a chronic hip problem. She was able to determine what the problem was, and through her treatments and very specific stretching and strengthening exercises, was able to get me back to my old self! I can now play tennis and do my gym workouts pain free. I love her video demonstrations of the exercises - they really ensure that I am doing the work correctly, in order to get the best benefit from them.

Kathy Crowe - October 2018

Emma Rose, the manual osteopathic practitioner (DOMP) at Revive Physio Care, treated me recently for leg cramps that interrupted my sleep. Emma is a very knowledgeable professional who put me at ease right away with her kind and caring demeanour. She treated me with respect and answered all of my questions. I was able to email her with concerns and she answered promptly. After a few treatments my condition has improved greatly. I am able to manage any lingering symptoms by continuing the exercises and suggestions that Emma has provided. I feel so much better as I am getting a better sleep each night and I owe that to Emma. I will go back for follow up when and if I feel the need.

Angelo Manzara - April 2017

Emma has been working with me since Oct 2016. She has been able to get me from non-functional to being ready to start to perform all duties the Canadian Army requires of me - to include parachuting. I tried other physio places but they could not compare to Revive. Thanks Emma and the rest of the staff.

Jody Dixon - February 2017

When I was first referred to Revive Physio Care, for a manual osteopathic practitioner, I needed a cane most days and had stabbing pain. After my sessions with Emma Rose, my pain levels and duration have significantly decreased and I have not needed a cane in months. With her combined treatment of manual therapy and yoga stretches, I believe will continue to see positive results with my range of motion and pain relief.

Kim Acker - February 2017

Thank you Emma! You have been a godsend. Bulging discs causing incapacitating pain from hip to toes sent me looking for help. After trying many different treatments with minimal or no relief Osteopathy was suggested and Emma Rose recommended. After the first visit I knew it was going to be different this time. With Emma's hands on treatments and homework of yoga stretches and core exercises I am feeling great and am confident I will continue to improve. Without question I highly recommend Emma Rose!

Holly Vanberkel Maracle - November 2016

Emma Rose knows what she is doing! I had injured my hip, hobbled around for a day then saw Emma who got me to walking normally. Her method is sure but gentle & always checked with me about tolerance of motion. Highly recommended!

Cathy Armstrong - October 2016

Emma Rose is just amazing! I had been suffering with a hamstring and knee injury for about 10 weeks. Physiotherapy, massage therapy and acupuncture were all helping, but a single treatment by Emma was more effective than all these treatments combined! She really took time to assess my condition and spent a full hour treating me. I left with a straighter leg, less pain and greater ease of movement through my hip and thigh. I was thrilled! The entire experience left me feeling so optimistic about my recovery. Emma is a very caring and knowledgeable practitioner.

Brendon Abram - September 2016

As a Thai yoga massage practitioner myself, I like to think I know when I am getting a good massage. Over the course of the last 30 years, as a soldier and athlete, I have made a point of incorporating several body based treatment styles into my personal health program. Thai yoga massage is my favorite form of treatment, and the best Thai yoga massages I have had have been from Emma.

I had reached a plateau in my recovery from a full knee replacement. At the time, Emma was giving practice treatments as part of her training. Even though I had regained a good level of extension and flexion in the joint, one osteopathic practice session gave me an extra 20 to 30 %. My surgeon couldn't believe it and I couldn't be more pleased. Thank You Emma!

Cathy Ireland - September 2016

Emma is a exceptional yoga instructor. Coming from a background of dance her familiarity with the human anatomy and creative movement allows her to design flow sequences that effectively engages individuals at every fitness level. Emma's classes provide opportunity for participants to explore their physical boundaries whether focused on functional fitness or more challenging poses. She creates a safe environment for each individual, providing demonstrated instruction, including multiple modifications to support each person developing their own practise experience. Her classes strongly support individual development, presenting opportunities for building overall and core strength, as well as balance. She fully honours the unique physical structure, limitations and motivations of each participant to achieve a positive yoga experience for all attendees.

Just recently Emma completed her Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practice (DOMP). I have already been to see her professionally to support recovery of a shoulder injury. She is a strong and competent practitioner. Providing direct and gentle manipulations that significantly improved my discomfort. I would highly recommend Emma to support resolving mobility issues and improving functional movement requirements.

Richard Perkins - September 2016

Emma's method of osteopathic treatment is both gentle and effective. I went to see her as a practice patient for osteopathy after a yoga class where I had mentioned I was experiencing pain in my neck and hip area. I am taking martial arts and the pain in these areas was making it difficult for me to engage fully in my practice. I met with Emma on a few occasions to support resolving pain in these areas. I felt some immediate relief after the first treatment. Emma is thorough and professional. I would highly recommend her method of treatment.

Tim Keller - September 2016

My name is Tim Keller owner of Loyalist Martial Arts Academy and I have had the pleasure of being apart of yoga, Thai massage and Osteopathy through Emma Rose and I would recommend all categories to anyone. She teaches yoga out of my gym. Every time I leave a treatment I feel anatomically correct. She is always asking the right questions to find out what the problem target areas are and she addresses them thoroughly. I highly recommend Emma Rose to all of my friends, family and students.

Tom Dowdall - September 2016

I went to see Emma Rose yesterday and have recovered I would say about 75% from an issue I was having for well over a year. Two more treatments and I am at 225%.

Courtney Archer - August 2016

I started yoga with Emma almost two years ago now and was hooked after the first class. I have enjoyed her enthusiasm, patience and her obvious love of yoga. Emma is a wonderful teacher and has helped me improve my flexibility, strength and developed my LOVE of inversions. Yoga has changed my life for the better and I have Emma to thank for that.

Melissa Belanger - August 2016

Emma's passion for yoga radiates through her teaching. Her extensive knowledge of anatomy, yoga alignment and teachings ensure a wonderful class for yogis of all levels. Emma has helped me to grow my practice and has shown me that strength and balance come with time and persistence.